“After silence, our ears are fresh and aware to listen music and our minds are full of empty space to receive and collect impressions. Silence prepares our perception to be awake and able to absorb new sound sensations. After silence, music comes with a delicate power that makes us understand how important silence is.”

Oleg Fateev’s new CD – “After Silence” (the first CD “Dreams” was released in 2009) – comes out with the power of silence transformed into music – an explosion of inspired compositions into a musical journey, from folk to jazz, tango, classical, balkan and brazilian style.

Recorded in a small church close to Nijmegen between July and September 2018, Oleg chose a live situation to record his music, full of passion and inspiration. The partnership with his friends/guest musicians created an exciting musical experience. Part of the compositions were recorded in other locations (São Paulo, Tilburg, Den Bosch ). Oleg brings different combinations of duos, also trio and quartet, with a variety of sounds that comes from violin, viola, piano, flute, saxophone, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion and drums.

Oleg plays his own songs on his bayan (russian button accordion) while singing at the same time – a challenge -. These songs are full of dynamics and details. He has developed his own style, virtuously playing his instrumental compositions and singing them with a lot of feeling. “After Silence” is about life in its essence – a state of spirit that connects you with yourself and your own sound and silence.

Lonely accordion
Dobri den Romale
The road
Weary sun - Black eyes
After silence

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