Oleg Fateev was born on the 5th of July in Bendery (sometimes called Tighina), a city in Moldavia at the banks of the river Dnjestr.

"Before I could start my study at the Russian Music Academie Gnesin in Moscow I had to do 2 years service in the Russian army.
That was an obligation and I chosed to do it before my study. Unfortunedly I was going to be stationed in Afghanistan. But the day before my leave, a colonel, I met by coincidence, told me a conductor was looking for an accordionist for his military ensemble in Moskou. Without this coincidental encounter my life would have been very different."

At the age of 29 he moved to the Netherlands and started playing on the streets where his talent was soon recognized by different performing artists from all kinds of musical styles. His versatility manifests itself in all sorts of projects he has worked on in recent years. Such as with the Dance Company of Christina de Chatel, Theater Artemis, Oostpool and the RO Theater. Besides many solo concerts, he also worked with Herman van Veen, Robert Long, Jeroen Willems, Nynke Laverman, Hadewych Minis, John Engels, Oene van Geel, Wolfert Brederode, Claron Mc Fadden and Brazilian artist such as Badi Assad, Chico Cesar en Guilherme Kastrup.

Oleg worked as musical conducter, composer and arranger for different theater companys and with several directors as Johan Simons (ZuidToneelHollandia), Alize Zandwijk (RoTheater), Gerardjan Rijnders (Ro Theater), Floor Huygens (Theater Artemis). In 2018 he did a theater tour with journalist/filmmaker Jelle Brandt Corstius. In the same year he took part in the tour 'Chansons van Schoonheid en Troost' with Britta Maria and Maurits Fondse as their special guest.

He took part in many international projects with groups and artiesten as Loyko Gipsy Band (Rusland), Ethel String Quartet (VS), Chico Cesar, Badi Assad, Ceumar, Carlinhos Antunes (Brasil), Shonaleigh Cumberg (UK), David Golek (Israël).
He also performs with Brazilan percussionist Simone Sou as a duo, With Oene van Geel and Wolfert Brederode as a trio and with the band The Nordians. Before that he had the Oleg Fateev Trio and participated in the Tiltan Quarted. In his career he gave concerts and workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, Spain, Schotland, England, Brasil, South-Afrika, China, Sweden, Jordan, Turkey and Taiwan.

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